A six week program health coaching program where you will learn mindset, nutrition, and fitness tools that will get you where you want to be with your health and fat loss goals WITHOUT having to stop eating and drinking the things you love!

the faster way to fat loss



A program that eliminates all of your favorite foods - let's face it - it's unsustainable. It's the reason why other programs haven't worked for you in the past. With this program you'll still enjoy Friday night pizza night with your kids, date nights with your hubby, and a girls night out with your best gal pals. It is possible to eat your favorite foods and STILL see results. Let me show you how!

you don't want to give up your favorite foods

My program tackles mindset, nutrition, and fitness in a way that is sustainable, healthy, and rooted in science.

If I do my job right, you’ll never have to start another program ever again. You’ll have all the tools and strategies you’ll ever need to burn fat & sustain it!

You're ready to be healthy for the long haul

You no longer need to google what to do, or start over again year after year.
The FASTer Way is the only Clinically-Proven program that strategically pairs effective workouts with science-backed nutrition strategies and expert coaching. Our holistic approach promotes optimal wellness and a lean physique no matter your stage in life. 

You're ready to stop guessing and start seeing results

This program is for you if...

simple steps and compassionate coaching lead to big results   |   SIMPLE STEPS AND COMPASSIONATE COACHING LEAD TO BIG RESULTS 

Meal guides + macros

Not only will we take the guesswork out of what to eat, I'll teach you how much of each type of macronutrient is right for you and your body.

Thirty minute workouts, with modifications, designed to help you burn fat and lose weight. Take the guesswork out of how to move your body with intentionally planned workouts to make you look and feel your best.

Efficient and effective workouts

Without proper mindset and continuous personal development, it's hard for most people to be successful. You will have access to a group where I post inspirational and thought-provoking information every day to help you navigate the ups and downs of your health journey and, ultimately, help you reach and sustain your health goals.

Mindset and Personal Development

What is included

“In the past year as a FASTer Way client, I have shed 38 pounds of fat, 43 inches overall and gained strength, muscle and self-confidence. I am stronger in my mid-40's than I was as a cheerleader in college. I feel better and I see the positive changes in my body. I've also learned about progress over perfection. The FASTer Way allows you to be human and gives you the opportunity to make good choices everyday. The other huge benefit, is having an amazing coach like Brooke Biggers and a community that supports you!!

"I have shed 38 pounds of fat, 43 inches overall"

"As a Health Coach, I was looking for a way to incorporate fitness as well as clean eating so I could help other's achieve overall health. What I didn't realize was how much I needed this support and plan of action to achieve my own goals. My energy is high and my digestion is better. I don't feel bloated after eating anymore. This program truly is the FASTEST Way to Fat Loss - those first couple weeks felt like the fat was melting off! Right away my clothes were fitting better. I cannot recommend this program enough.”

“This program is LIFE CHANGING."

“I started the faster way because I knew I had to do something! I had just come out of sleepless and stressful season on my life. I had started some really bad habits that were showing on body and weighing down my self esteem. I heard Brooke on the radio and thought she sounded like a “‘real & reasonable’ person. 6 weeks later I am feeling like myself again and have never felt so empowered to take my health back without sacrificing things I love! Brooke is an excellent coach and will meet you right where you at. So thankful I found Brooke.”

"So thankful I found Brooke.”


VIP membership is for clients who have completed the 6 week new client experience and want to continue their fat loss journey and coaching.


VIP Membership + Continued Support

The six week health coaching program is our new client program that teaches you the foundations for fat loss and the mindset tools to make it last.


6 Week Health Coaching Program


When it comes to your health and making the changes you want to see - I believe that simple is best. 

In our six week program, I will show teach you simple meals effective workouts, and small habit changes so that you will lose weight, prioritize your health, and become the energetic, and present mom you dreamed of.


6 Week Health Coaching Program


When my clients start seeing results, they know this is the program for them. 

VIP Membership is the monthly membership that my clients join after completing a 6 Week New Client Experience. Here, they continue to get access to intentional workouts, meal plans and coaching in order to maintain and continue losing fat.

$97 / month

VIP Membership + Continued Support


Food is medicine and you deserve to feel your absolute best and I'm here to help.

Alright my friend,

The FASTer Way offers a weekly meal guide, both regular and vegan, with delicious and easy recipes. I will coach you every step of the way to know how to work these meal as well as others into your customized plan.

How will I know what to eat?

The short answer is NO. While your results will be better and quicker by being gluten free, dairy free, and alcohol free, I recognize that restriction can feel very depriving and is not sustainable. Therefore, I teach you how to incorporate these things and still move towards your health and fat loss goals.

Do I have to stop eating and drinking the things I love?

No. The FASTer Way offers both at home and gym workouts led by our pro-trainers and both are extremely effective.

Do I need a gym membership?