Transforming the lives of middle-aged women through compassionate action and the development of healthy habits.


Healthy Habits Start Here

When it comes to your health and making the changes you want to see - I believe that simple is best. 

By keeping it simple - simple meals effective workouts, and small habit changes - you will lose weight, prioritize your health, and become the energetic, and present mom you dreamed of.

I'm Brooke!

I help women break apart food confusion, set attainable goals, and see results


"6 weeks later I am feeling like myself again"

“I started the faster way because I knew I had to do something! I had just come out of sleepless and stressful season on my life. I had started some really bad habits that were showing on body and weighing down my self esteem. I heard Brooke on the radio and thought she sounded like a “‘real & reasonable’ person. 6 weeks later I am feeling like myself again and have never felt so empowered to take my health back without sacrificing things I love! Brooke is an excellent coach and will meet you right where you at. So thankful I found her.” 

"I've lost over 80 pounds"

“The best part about the faster way is how easy it is to work into my busy schedule! There are days that I just can’t make everything happen, but I still have had amazing results! I’ve lost over 80 pounds total, and 23 pounds since September since I officially re-committed! I’m so grateful that I can always keep going and growing!”

"I feel SO much better!"

“The Faster Way and Coach Brooke broke apart years of food confusion and frustration with attainable goals and tons of resources. I had a lot of scenarios that would have previously caused me to say it was the wrong time, not working or not for me- but not this time. My autoimmunity is in remission and I feel so much better! I am a single mom of four that commutes to work 5 days per week- it’s possible!"

"Increased confidence, inches and weight loss, control over my eating habits, sugar cravings that were kicked to the curb!"

“At age 63 I found myself 50 pounds overweight and fortunately for me, I met Brooke Biggers and the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program. I tried it and immediately began to see results. Over the course of the next 2 years I followed the path laid out by Faster Way to Fat Loss VIP program. I experienced consistent success – increased confidence, inches and weight loss, control over my eating habits, sugar cravings that were kicked to the curb! And most significantly, I REDUCED my wardrobe by 2 CLOTHING SIZES! Brooke asked me, “What is your WHY? Why do you stick with it?” Here is my answer: I really want to enjoy my retirement and thrive in my 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I truly believe Faster Way to Fat Loss is the lifestyle that will get me there!“


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